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Finding a holiday home isn’t as simple as choosing your favourite holiday spot and packing your bags. With the festive season around the corner, the urge to buy a holiday home may be rising, but a decision like this demands time and careful consideration.


Let it simmer. This is not a holiday – this is an investment.

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Sectional Title Bliss

Where starter homes in quiet suburbs used to be the norm when it came to first buys for working professionals and young couples, it seems like J.G. Ballard’s 1975 novel, High Rise, may have predicted the future of residential development accurately.


More and more individuals and families alike are choosing to opt for sectional title residence over freestanding homes and townhouses, much like the futuristic high-rise apartment buildings in Ballard’s novel.

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Keep Calm and Sell Your Property

Keep Calm and Sell Your PropertyEasy steps to help you get your property sale going


Selling your property can often cause your hands to get itchy, or ants to start roaming where they have no business being. But more often than not rushing into the sale of the property leads to choices you'll regret later. Several points need to be remembered once you've decided to take the plunge and dive into the property market.

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Buying in an unstable economy

Planning to buy a home usually takes a long term strategy, with many buyers having to either save for a deposit, assess affordability or scout for the perfect property to call home. Then when the time finally comes and the country’s economy seems to be unstable - interest rates are higher, banks are implementing stricter lending criteria, doomsayers are warning against long term investments, buyers could be caught in a funnel of information and be left confused and unnecessarily wary.


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2019 is the year for first time home buyers

2019 is the year for first time home buyers2018 was a challenging year for the South African property market, but so far 2019 is looking more positive.

Rhys Dyer, CEO of ooba, says: "Property market activity and resultant price growth continue to be hampered by political uncertainty and economic constraints. Uncertainty around impending land reforms as well as an increase in the prime lending rate to 10.25% in November probably contributed to the slowing property growth in the last quarter of 2018."












6 tips to sell your home fast

Whether it’s financial stress, or your new job is in another part of the country or overseas, the most welcome sight in the world right now would be the words “SOLD” emblazed in your front yard. Hence, you are preparing for the real estate equivalent of speed dating. Just as in speed dating, you know roughly what you want, you need to meet someone who likes what you have to offer, but the last thing you want is to give any hint of desperation. You are not desperate, but keen.


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Is WhatsApp changing real estate?

Whatsapp and Property

As new technologies and improved systems are perpetually introduced into our modern business environments, innovations in client communication is undoubtedly at the forefront of this rapid evolution. The real estate industry has experienced a flurry of new concepts and advancements in the past year especially with regards to agents having to incorporate real time communication tools into their daily practices.

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Price your property to sell in the current market


Whether it is a buyers or seller's market accurate valuation and pricing of your home is imperative if you aim to have a successful transaction. Realistic pricing is relevant to accurate market value and often buyers will compare your home to the properties in the area so they can gauge an insight into the true market value.


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11 smart ways to save electricity (and money) in the winter months

11 smart ways to save electricity (and money) in the winter monthsWith the always looming threat of electricity price hikes and possible load shedding, Eskom has issued steps consumers can take to save electricity as the colder weather grips South Africa. Eskom has started implementing its ‘Use electricity smartly’ campaign, which aims to reduce electricity the shortage so as to minimise the risk of load shedding. The power utility said insulated and draught-proofed rooms require 51% less energy to heat. Eskom has the following tips for the winter period:


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Make the most of your rental property

Investing in a property can be one of the best decisions you make. It is also one of the investments you need to consider most carefully to make sure you continue reaping its benefits when the market shifts.


The key to an informed purchase and continuing growth is keeping up to date with the property market. Fluctuating factors such as the economy and social norms affect the property market greatly.

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